Where does the time go?  

When you’re self employed and juggling a lot of balls, time just seems to evaporate... thinking strategically and understanding how you can make the most of your time will empower you in your business.


This workshop will help participants create a clear vision and goals for their business and increase their productivity through maximising the use of their time.

Topics covered include:

•  Forward planning and strategic thinking
•  Managing time effectively
•  How to avoid constant fire-fighting
•  How to be more productive and less stressed
•  Delegation - even if you don't have staff!
 Conquering procrastination 
    - identifying what stops you from achieving your dream
 Improving efficiency - refining methods of production


“Hi Dan, just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the Time Management course last week. I've done a lot of training over recent years and can spot someone who is excellent - and you really are a talented trainer. You backed up your advice in really practical ways and I loved the way it was applicable in far wider contexts than just looking at the business side of what we do.”

[Xtina Lamb   Designer Maker]

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