The majority of creative practitioners work in isolation; being a one man band often means you miss being able to run your ideas past others.  Having to make key business decisions on your own can be stressful when you’re not sure of your ground or doing something new.


This workshop will give you objective feedback on your products so you can take a more strategic approach to the development and launch of new ranges. Formalising a pricing structure is key to ensuring your product is a viable business.

Topics covered include:

•  Market Research
 Pricing & Costing
•  Impact of Trends
•  Developing your designs as one offs or production runs
 Working with Manufacturers - factories or home-workers
 Presentation, Packaging & Branding
 Product Safety


“I’ve been working in a bubble, so getting feedback from others was invaulable - it gave me a new perspective on my products and how to develop them more strategically with an eye on profit not just on aesthetics!”

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Dan Maier   Business Coach